About the Blog

Easy as Pie is a blog that features easy-to-make recipes for all occasions. Most of the recipes featured here can be made in less than 5 steps using the freshest and most exciting ingredients from Rustan's Supermarket.

About the Author and Kitchen Commander


My name is Pie and I'm here to share my family's cooking adventures with you!

Aside from my full-time job, I moonlight as a chef in our household. I am an omnivore with a predilection for all things buttery, creamy, and meaty, my happy-go-lucky husband is a health nut, my highly opinionated first grader is a budding food fanatic, and my tiny toddler is just about the pickiest eater in the world. Cooking for them is an everyday challenge I enjoy taking on!

Life inside and outside the home has always been, is, and will always be insanely hectic for modern day supermoms. However, I'm crazy about cooking and I find great joy in seeing my loved ones well-fed and happy. So, yes, no matter how busy I am, I find time to experiment in the kitchen!

Here you will find ridiculously easy recipes for all-time Filipino favorites, stick-to-your ribs American comfort food, classic French cuisine, and more. I will also feature a few after-work cocktails for those who need a slight buzz after a long day's work, and simple desserts for those of you who want to try your hand at baking.

Have fun!


Easy 5-step recipes featuring the freshest and most exciting ingredients from Rustan's Supermarket.